Van Keppel-Green
The Origins of Indoor/Outdoor Design
A book by Eric Haeberli

I welcome feedback of all sorts. If you have any information on VKG, photos, furniture, questions, feel free to drop me a line. At some point if I get enough photos submitted, I will build a section of photos people have taken of their VKG and how they use it. I would like to have a section of the book about VKG today, and your house and VKG could be photographed for this section.

Low resolution scan above of inside two page spread of Benedetti catalog for VKG, circa 1973. They used chromed steel and a synthetic rope on this 1973 line originally designed in 1939 that was scratchy and didn't prove very comfortable. The color, grapefruit yellow, was Hendrik's favorite. The sunshade is made of fabric and secured by wrapped rope through grommets. This concept Hendrik used for walls in gardens of his Santa Monica house as well as carpeting. The grommeted fabric walls were also used in the garden of Thornton Abell's 1954 AIA award winning office VKG provided all the furniture and design work for pictured below.
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